Why work with a REALTORⓇ? – The blog of a first time home buyer

November 17, 2019By Andy Treeblog

You’re ready to start looking at houses, you know a little about what you want, what’s next? In my opinion, it’s time for you to hire your REALTORⓇ! Your REALTORⓇ is going to be your investigator, your paperwork guru, your negotiator, your cool 3rd wheel (maybe), and your partner through this process. Well, they should … Read More

To buy or not to buy… – The blog of a first time home buyer

November 2, 2019By Andy Treeblog

Deciding to purchase my first home wasn’t as straightforward a decision as it can be for many people. I currently rent a very nicely built home that doesn’t leave me wanting for much. When something breaks, I don’t have to deal with it. My costs are essentially fixed, mostly everything works, I have enough space … Read More